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Ro Map Add-On v3.5


Changelog :
4 new cities and roads to explore
Removed unnecessary parts of the map
New models
E60 Extension included



Hungary Map v0.9.1 New


1. Delete the previous version from your mod folder! (both and!)
2. Copy to the mod folder!
3. When creating your profile activate and select hungary.mbd as module!

INDIAN56 for his beautiful and useful models
FLD for his great prefabs! :)

Author: Frank007



Ro Map Add-On v2.9.5

Ro Map Add-On v.2.9.5
New city (Craiova)
Big company in Craiova
New blocked roads
New Roads
Fixed some bugs in Debrecen
New romanian models

The map is compatible with TSM and ProMods.

Enjoy !
P.S. This is Ro Map Add-On NEW v2.9.5 with the perfect scale.

Traian, FLD, moldoveanu


Project MHE Beta Map v 4.0

Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods

Project MHE Beta Map v 4.0

The project is made based on the original card (StandartMap) ETS 2 + DLC.

This version has the following updates:
The new road between the towns of Verona and Innsbruck,
Wooden bridge , near Verona ,
Wooden bridge on the road near Innsbruck Death (Road Kill),
Many problems on the road Death (Road Kill),
Road Kill almost completed.

Just added in this version:
The new sound engine for Scania;
New truck Peterbilt;
Skins Pack for Peterbilt;
Skins ( coloring ) for Scania;
Spare parts and various accessories ;

Edited the original road map :
– Became more irregularities in plan and profile ;
– There were potholes and stones on the pavement ;
– There were dirt roads with different obstacles .

Installation : Beta map (Projeto_MHE-Beta_4.scs.) Must be installed in the My Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod and activated in the profile.
You can continue to the old profile if you’re playing on StandartMap.
If you have an old MHE Project, remove and place the new version.
In other cases, make sure you get the new profile.
Compatibility is not guaranteed all the mods .

Version Games :
Tested on ETS 2 version 1.7.1 + DLC
Powered by ETS 2 DLC versions 1.8.h.h

NOTE : Death Road (Road Kill) is incomplete and will be updated with new sites !
Credits: Projetos ETS2Brasil

Download: Project MHE Beta Map v 4.0 []
Download: Project MHE Beta Map v 4.0 []

Spring Mod v 2.0

Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods

Spring Mod v 2.0

Mod spring.


Credits: ZenitVk

Download: Spring Mod v 2.0 []
Download: Spring Mod v 2.0 []

TruckSim Map v 4.5.6

Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods

TruckSim Map v 4.5.6

Author’s description ( Google translation ) :
In order to play this version of the map , at least version 1.8.xx is required!
Anyone who has played 1.8.hh patch , you can continue to play without any problems the old card ( In particular, all (! ) Parts map ) to go out, and four new parts inside. The map should with and without DLC work .
But beware (!) : Before the game entails profile and edit new fashion to be included! Otherwise , you land on a standard map in nirvana.

We pitched our mod and divided into four separate packages.
– TSM Map_4_5_def & mat.scs
– TSM Map_4_5_map.scs
– TSM Map_4_5_model.scs
– TSM Map_4_5_prefab & more.scs ( Four pieces are displayed in the log with ” 4.5.0 ” . )

Compared with all versions 4.1.0/4.1.1/4.1.2a Modteilen changes were made , you need all four parts are replaced in your unit !
Separation mods has the advantage that released in the future fixed ( ! ) Card then easier may be exchanged.

Changes in version 4.5.5 and :
Errors have been corrected , added a few sites and villages Hermes Cross. There is a new town on the northern coast of Spain (Bilbao ) and mix in Valladolid . Note: Route to Valladolid can get into its present form in later expansion of Spain to the victim, or be completely changed. Bordeaux was added to another company ( the quarry ) .

Changes in version 4.5.6 :
This version TruckSim Map 4.5.6 corrects errors identified versions 4.5.5 and 4.5.5a, and fixing them . Warning: This version of the card requires at least patch version 1.8.xx!

SCS Software fur die GrundMap mit allem Drum und Dran.
50keda fur die neuen Firmen Sellplan und Kaarfor.
FLD / TZ fur die neuen Prefabs und Modelle (darf nicht zur freien Verwendung genutzt werden!)
kamaz fur Schilder
Reislord fur Schilder
valera_t fur verschiedene Mapmodelle
satan1990 fur die hervorragenden Mapmodelle
Konigszapfen fur die Bilder
2X2 fur die neuen Autokennzeichen

Test version

If you ‘re playing on the map TruckSim Map 4.5.h :
1. Win a flight .
2 . Replace the existing folder mod files :
– TSM-Map_4_5_def & mat.scs
– TSM-Map_4_5_map.scs
– TSM-Map_4_5_model.scs
– TSM-Map_4_5_prefab & more.scs
the corresponding files from the downloaded archive .
3 . Delete old files .
4 . Restart the game .
If you are installing the card for the first time :
1. Copy the four files format scs. from the downloaded archive on the way My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod
2 . Create a new profile .
3 . Activate the files in the profile….

Credits: Thomas@TSM

Download: TruckSim Map v 4.5.6 []
Download: TruckSim Map v 4.5.6 []

Trucker Map v r28

Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods

Trucker Map v r28

Fictional map for real dalnoboev with extreme (time and distance ) , all roads except defoltnoy Europe, fictional, no relation to the real terrain do not have. Emphasis on the range and extreme (bumps, winter roads ) , maximum distance in the wording of 19 – 35000km .

Have the opportunity to buy their favorite cars in one place
Huge dealerships on all brands .
There are winter road laid down on the fields , as well as mountain winter roads and extensive network leskhozes in Karelia ( Russia ) , Oil north of Russia, Yakutia , Magadan , Chukotka, Koryak , Primorye ..
Huge amount of bases (650 , not counting the default ) , which can be loaded into either end of Europe, Russia .
It is possible to deliver fuel at gas stations and use Utepov .
The longest two-lane roads (at 30000km ) .
There are hidden ways, that it is almost impossible to pass.

Installing three scs file into a folder mod.
Change game module “russia.mbd”
Map of Georgia from 2 to 10 minutes depending on your computer !

Game Version
Credits: goba6372, Луковников Сергей

Download: Trucker Map v r28 []
Download: Trucker Map v r28 []